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Experts Give Advice on Foliar Fungicide Applications


According to DuPont Pioneer and university research across 475 on-farm trials – a foliar fungicide application can provide corn yield increases of seven-bushels per acre on average. DuPont Pioneer notes the average yield response is generally greater in fields with large amounts of residue on the soil surface. Later-maturing fields can also be at greater risk for foliar disease – and therefore are more likely to benefit from a fungicide application. It’s recommended growers scout for foliar diseases in corn just before tassel emergence. DuPont Pioneer experts say several factors should be considered when planning a foliar fungicide application. Consider the previous crop, the risk of foliar diseases increases when corn is planted into a field that was corn the previous year; weather conditions, the risk for disease development increases in growing seasons when rainy and/or humid weather prevails; the history of disease, some field locations have a history of greater foliar disease severity; and hybrid resistance, with a disease resistance rating of six or greater – a fungicide application may not provide a yield benefit.

Contact your Pioneer sales professional or visit pioneer dot com (www.pioneer.com) for more information on foliar fungicide use.