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Extending Nutrients for Soybeans this Year


Extending Nutrients for Soybeans this Year

With flooded and saturated fields this spring, much needed fertilizer may have been lost. However, there is a new product that will help deal with that problem.

Extract is a fertilizer biocatalyst that helps make what nutrients there are in the soil available to crops. Scott Lay, with Loveland Products, explains how the product works, “What Extract does is frees up nutrients that are already in the soil and makes them in a more plant available form so they can be used by the crop.”

With concerns about nutrient loss this year, this product may be helpful in improving yields in soybeans. Lay told HAT, when used with a pre-plant herbicide of fertilizer application, “We have seen a consistent 4 bpa advantage.”  He added that it only takes a one bushel increase to meet the ROI in soybeans.

Lay says the product works all season long and can help make sure adequate nutrients are available later in the season during the critical yield determination period, “We are able to extend the nutrient mineralization process throughout the growing season to provide a more adequate flow of nutrients to the plant curing the critical times in July and August.” Ask about Extract at your co-op or local Crop Production Service store.

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