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Exxon Mobil Profits Cost Americans Dearly


oil prices higherAmericans United For Change President Brad Woodhouse made the following statement today regarding Exxon Mobil’s $30+ billion haul in 2013:  “It’s obscene that $30+ billion in profits counts as a bad year for Exxon, where the CEO gets paid twice as much in a single day as an average American family of four earns all year.  They have tripled their profits since 2002 while tripling what they charge us at the filling station.  Talk about income inequality – Big Oil companies are gorging on tax breaks, gouging us at the pump, and lobbying to kill the only competition in the marketplace: clean, American made ethanol. 


“Instead of gutting the renewable fuel standard, the White House and Congress should protect and strengthen it so that we can depend more on homegrown, American energy and less on foreign oil.”