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All Eyes and Ears on Pro Farmer Crop Tour


Crop Tour preview

Damaged corn field-8-15Monday the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour’s eastern leg departs from Columbus, Ohio and will head west over the next 4 days to get a close up look at crops throughout the Corn Belt.

The tour’s primary goal, is to provide the industry with accurate late-season information about likely corn and soybean yields during the upcoming harvest season at the state and regional level, and Pro Farmer’s Editorial Director Chip Flory says this year will be one of the more interesting years in the tour’s history.

“I don’t know if we’ve ever had a year where the data we collect and the crops that we see are going to be so different.”

On the eastern leg of the Pro Farmer Crop Tour 10 teams of 4 scouts will be taking samples of random corn and soybean fields, but the routes will be the same. Flory says that consistency is key when formulating final results.

“We run those same routes, we run the same number of routes. We’re just going to stay consistent with the process. When you stay consistent we’ve got something to compare. Now if they get in past the end rows and go 35 paces past the end rows before they lay out a 30 foot plot and they find nothing, they’re going to write down a zero, turn around and come back out of that field. That’s the way things balance out when we’re doing the tour. So it’s going to be a challenging year, there’s no question about that but each year comes with a different set of challenges. This is one of those kinds of challenges that we’ve been through before. We know how to handle it.”

Flory had the opportunity to preview some fields in the Midwest with an aerial view a month ago and says that some of the area that suffered early on will not get any better.

Follow the tour online at www.ProFarmer.com and see what some of the scouts are seeing by following along on twitter with #pftour15.

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Source: Ty Higgins-Ohio Ag Net