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Being a Fair Featured Farmer a “Cool Deal”


Shuter is fair featured farmer

Mike ShuterDuring Year of the Farmer at the 2015 Indiana State Fair a different farmer or farm family is featured each day and Monday was a long time state ag leader’s time in the spotlight. Mike Shuter from Madison County is the former president of Indiana Corn Marketing Council and a national award winning conservation farmer. He told HAT he likes the fair’s focus on farmers this year.

“Oh it’s a cool deal! It’s something we weren’t expecting at all and when you get a call about something like that it kind of sets you back and it’s real humbling that somebody thinks that what you’re doing is something that needs to be talked about. It’s a great experience to have.”

Jeannette Merritt-Mike ShuterFamily has provided great support for Shuter during his many travels over the years, and his sons are now a big part of the operation.

“I’ve said before I’m as happy as I’ve ever been farming because I’m farming with two sons right now. It’s really enjoyable to be able to do that and interact with them every day and have that fellowship with my own sons.”

Shuter and his wife Susan spent the day at the fair and he answered questions at the Glass Barn in front of an audience. His overriding message to consumers about farming today is that “most farmers are in it to help feed the world. That’s what I feel my lot in life is, to help feed the world and help other producers learn better ways of feeding the world through conservation tillage and cover crops. Most farmers have to have that dedication that they’re helping to feed the world with what we’re going through right now with the crops. For them to stick with it they have to have that.”

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