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Fall Burndown has its Spring Benefits


Fall burndown benefits

Jeff Carpenter-DuPontIn the early stages of 2013 Indiana corn and soybean harvest it’s still not too late to consider a fall burndown program for post harvest. If you are considering that but haven’t placed the chemical order, it’s best to do it now so you’re ready when the burndown window opens.

“Line this thinking up and this work up with your retailer if you have it custom applied, or if you self-apply yourself, get your chemicals bought and get yourself ready, because truly the window is tight,” suggests Jeff Carpenter, corn portfolio manager for DuPont Crop Protection.

“And it’s going to be probably tight this fall with harvest looking like it might run a little late. Yields are looking pretty good but crops in some areas got planted late so it will be a tight window.”

Carpenter encourages a closer look at fall burndown.

“I can promise you if you haven’t done fall applied it is something that once you get started on it you really see the benefits of those cleaner, warmer seed beds next spring that really give you a lot more flexibility and a lot more time to manage your spring properly.”

And more time and fewer headaches in the spring is a good thing. Burndown plus residual control is something farmers would have appreciated this past spring.

“This past spring was quite emotional for a lot of farmers because it was generally wet and winter annuals have moved in a lot of areas across the Midwest. Chickweed, henbit, and certainly marestail, and when we hear a lot about marestail because if it was not controlled in the fall it really became problematic this following spring. So DuPont is recommending talking to your retailer about lining up your needs. Basis Blend, and Canopy EX are a couple of the products that we offer that will control the winter annuals with a fall application. So this is do your harvest and then come in there with a sprayer before the ground freezes up.”

Basis Blend is for corn ground and Canopy EX for soybean ground. Learn more about those options with the links we have at hat.com. DuPont Crop Protection is also bringing new Instigate herbicide to the marketplace in 2014. It is a flexible pre-emerge dry corn herbicide, and Carpenter describes it in the HAT interview:Jeff Carpenter