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Fall Fieldwork Recommendations from DuPont

Keith Diedrick

With harvest likely to end earlier than normal, farmers will have plenty of time for fall field work chores. Item one on your fall to do list should be a soil test, according to Keith Diedrick, with DuPont in NW Indiana. He told HAT improvements in soil moisture will make this fall’s soil test a bit more accurate, “We have received enough moisture in northern Indiana that our soils are getting back to the point where they will yield an accurate soil test.” Extremely dry conditions a few weeks ago would have given growers false readings on soil fertility. Your soil test will set the direction for your soil fertility program and for most growers that will mean adding some lime. “Applying lime will adjust the soil PH,” said Diedrick. He said fall is a better time to apply lime because it will have more time to interact with the soil before next spring.


Interview with Keith Diedrick of  DuPont