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Familiar Harvest Story in North Central Indiana



Kevin Wilson in the CornIn north-central Indiana, Cass County farmers are experiencing a familiar 2016 harvest story. The soybean crop is fantastic and corn yield doesn’t quite measure up. Walton farmer Kevin Wilson says so far in the 300 acres of corn harvested yields have been good, but not great or wonderful.

“At one time I think we all had expectations that this might be the yields of all yields, and I don’t think we’re seeing that, but we’re seeing good yields through here. Compared to what we had last year, they are really good yields, but we’ll see what the rest of the crops brings.”

He said disease issues haven’t been much of a problem in the corn yet. The biggest knock on yield may well be the storms in the area earlier in the year.

“We’ve had some isolated areas in the Kokomo area where we had the tornados come through in August and even some areas around there where we had a real heavy wind and rain burst that knocked some corn down. There are some of those issues going on in our area, and until we can get it all harvested I guess we won’t know exactly where we end up.”

But the soybean yields have been outstanding, and Wilson says he realized this could happen about the mid to late August timeframe.

“We were like a lot of areas in north-central Indiana,” he told HAT. “We had not received much rain at all in July. We weren’t quite as bad as a few other spots but certainly the grass was brown and things were a little concerning for the soybean crop. But we started getting some rains and one thing we did see a little bit as we moved into a little later maturing beans, those rains that we received were a little bit more beneficial to them.”

Wilson says the bean yields for 2016 are at levels they would be pleased to see each and every year.

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