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Family farms receive Hoosier Homestead Award


At the Indiana State Fair, Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch and Indiana State Department of Agriculture Director Bruce Kettler honored 88 families with the Hoosier Homestead Award for their longstanding commitment to Indiana agriculture.

To be named a Hoosier Homestead, farms must be owned by the same family for more than 100 consecutive years, and consist of 20 acres or more in size or produce more than $1,000 in agricultural products per year.

“I want to congratulate all of the recipients of this prestigious award,” said Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, Indiana’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development. “Our state, economically and socially, depends on our farming families, and we owe a great deal to the work they do.”

Families are eligible for three different distinctions of the Hoosier Homestead Award, based on age of the farm. They are Centennial (100 years), Sesquicentennial (150 years) and Bicentennial (200 years).

Since the program’s inception in 1976, more than 5,500 families have received the award.

“Keeping any business in operation for more than 100 years is no small accomplishment, let alone in the same family,” Kettler said. “There is something special about generational farming in Indiana, and it was an honor to recognize these families—their legacy—at the great Indiana State Fair.”

The following list includes the 2018 summer Hoosier Homestead Award recipients:

Adams Kruetzman 1891 Centennial
Allen Bradtmueller 1902 Centennial
Allen Yoder 1918 Centennial
Bartholomew O’Neal 1918 Centennial
Bartholomew Burbrink – Schroer 1910 Centennial
Bartholomew Arnholt – Smith 1890 Centennial
Bartholomew Reinking – Smith 1856 Sesquicentennial
Brown Roark Brown County Family Farm 1910 Centennial
Cass Cynthia Lynn (Smith) Beckom & Amanda Lynn Beckom 1844 Sesquicentennial
Cass Green 1918 Centennial
Cass Robert & Mary Apple Kitchel 1917 Centennial
Cass McIntosh – McMillen 1868 Sesquicentennial
Clark James A. Kruer 1893 Centennial
Clay Groover 1867 Sesquicentennial
Clay Schlegel 1886 Centennial
Clinton Need Family Farms 1916 Centennial
Crawford Perry Crecelius 1918 Centennial
Crawford Crecelius 1918 Centennial
Daviess Hunter – Nolan 1818 Bicentennial
Dearborn Hartman 1918 Centennial
Decatur Fry 1887 Centennial
Decatur Jonathan C. & Sara A. Galbraith 1848 Sesquicentennial
DeKalb Bowman & Bowman Farms, Inc. 1873 Centennial
DeKalb Morr 1900 Centennial
DeKalb Hines 1836 Sesquicentennial
DeKalb Nelson Family LLC 1868 Sesquicentennial
Dubois Victor A. Beckman 1849 Centennial & Sesquicentennial
Dubois Joshua J. Himsel 1887 Centennial
Dubois Weisman 1866 Sesquicentennial
Franklin Burk 1918 Centennial
Franklin Obermeyer 1891 Centennial
Franklin Siefert 1869 Centennial
Franklin Stenger 1901 Centennial
Fulton Kline – Wagoner 1876 Centennial
Hamilton Flanders/Sheller Farms 1865 Sesquicentennial
Hamilton Joseph Wheeler 1851 Centennial & Sesquicentennial
Hamilton Haughey 1882 Centennial
Hancock Garst 1918 Centennial
Harrison Chuck & Sandy Hess 1854 Centennial & Sesquicentennial
Harrison Deatrick/Lind 1915 Centennial
Henry Kautz – Query 1918 Centennial
Howard Eller 1905 Centennial
Howard Fisher 1847 Sesquicentennial
Howard E. Wesley Smith 1848 Centennial & Sesquicentennial
Howard Tarkington 1918 Centennial
Jackson M & M Wischmeier 1915 Centennial
Jasper Putt 1902 Centennial
Jasper Guth/Waibel 1899 Centennial
Jennings Graham 1815 Bicentennial
Jennings Horstman 1878 Centennial
Johnson William O. Canary 1898 Centennial
Kosciusko Whetstone 1842 Centennial & Sesquicentennial
LaGrange Robert Thompson 1885 Centennial
LaPorte Hickory Grove Farm/Mohlke Family 1918 Centennial
LaPorte Thomas 1918 Centennial
Lawrence Robert G. Stipp 1849 Sesquicentennial
Madison Ashton 1864 Sesquicentennial
Madison James Steven Doty 1868 Sesquicentennial
Madison Jarrell 1917 Centennial
Madison Marshall & Margaret Gwinn Farm 1917 Centennial
Madison Sandra S. Swindell — W.H.S. Farm 1908 Centennial
Marshall Gottschalk 1858 Centennial & Sesquicentennial
Marshall Sahlhoff 1887 Centennial
Martin Billings 1918 Centennial
Montgomery Moser Farm 1917 Centennial
Noble Frank E. & Evelyn J. Evers 1854 Sesquicentennial
Noble The Scheurich 1866 Centennial & Sesquicentennial
Ohio Dennis 1868 Sesquicentennial
Ohio Sommer 1918 Centennial
Orange David & Jessica Watts 1860 Centennial & Sesquicentennial
Pulaski Jarman 1901 Centennial
Randolph Jordan 1834 Sesquicentennial
Ripley Kegley 1865 Sesquicentennial
Ripley Brunsman – Moster 1905 Centennial
Rush Gray 1863 Sesquicentennial
Shelby Weintraut 1891 Centennial
Spencer Seger 1915 Centennial
Sullivan Davis 1918 Centennial
Tipton Achenbach 1918 Centennial
Union Hawley – Brookbank 1865 Centennial & Sesquicentennial
Wayne Alexander 1897 Centennial
Wayne Martin 1909 Centennial
Wells Minnich 1872 Centennial
Wells Powell 1916 Centennial
Wells David Werling 1916 Centennial
White Lemming 1894 Centennial
White Humphreys 1883 Centennial
White Sheets 1918 Centennial


Families are recognized semiannually — at the Indiana Statehouse in the spring and at the Indiana State Fair in the fall.

For more information about the Hoosier Homestead Award program, please visit www.isda.in.gov. Photos from today’s ceremony will be posted to ISDA’s Flickr page by Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018.