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Farm Bill Extension Not Part of Continuing Resolution


Republican leaders in the House say they have met the promise of a ‘clean’ continuing resolution that can be cleared quickly. That means the stopgap funding bill has only a few non-controversial provisions added on. An extension of the farm bill is not one of those provisions. There’s still a chance it could be added. The House Rules Committee could change the bill or come up with another plan for the farm bill.  It’s unclear what the Senate might do with the measure once it’s approved by the House. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy told reporters Monday that he expects the Senate to pass the continuing resolution without adding potentially controversial measures. However – Senate Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Thad Cochran said he wouldn’t be surprised if a Senator seeks to alter the bill.

The House has set a vote on the CR for September 13. The measure will keep the government running through March 27th and avoid the threat of a shutdown before the November elections. The Senate could choose to clear the bill as passed by the House – or try to add new items. If they do that – additional action would be required by the House.


Source: NAFB News service