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Farm Bill May Have Enough Votes in House for Passage


The farm bill may have enough votes in the House of Representatives for passage. Politico reports that as the bill is expected to be brought to the House floor this week for consideration, some senior Republicans think House Agriculture Chairman Mike Conaway has the votes to pass the bill. That comes as Democrats in the House have been urged to vote against the legislation by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Democrats remain opposed to the stricter work requirements in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program as part of the Republican-drafted farm bill.

The bill must first pass through the House Rules Committee which will be considering some 100 amendments to the farm bill. The Rules Committee is scheduled to meet Tuesday evening. Conaway met with President Trump last week, and Conaway says the President “supports his efforts,” despite some concern that the President would veto the bill, titled the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018.

The Senate Ag Committee is expected to take up a more bipartisan bill before Memorial Day, giving it the “upper hand” in deciding the final shape of the 2018 farm bill. It takes 60-Senate votes to clear any filibuster threat.