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Farm Bill Will Be Top Priority in September

Joe Donnelly

After leaving Washington without taking action on a new Farm Bill, both Republican and Democratic Congressmen from Indiana say action will occur in September.  Congressman Joe Donnelly, Democratic candidate for the US Senate seat from Indiana, told HAT he is ready to go back to Washington now and get a Farm Bill passed, “If I need to, I will hitchhike back to Washington to get to work on a Farm Bill.”  He said the Bill passed by the House Ag Committee reduces the deficit by $23 billion yet provides the kind of protection that farmers need, “What we are trying to do is reduce the deficit and stand up for our farmers as well.” Donnelly feels when Congress returns there will be action on the Farm Bill.


Mike Pence

Republican Congressmen Mike Pence, who  is running for Governor, says House GOP leaders will be more likely to move on the Farm Bill in September, “Now that several physical issues have been settled, it clears the way for consideration of the Farm Bill. I believe we can pass a long term Farm Bill that is physically responsible and yet meets the needs of 21st century agriculture.”


(A political note: The Pence campaign will unveil its agricultural platform Tuesday in Indianapolis.)