With only three days left in the Indiana General Assembly session, annexation reforms are in the critical conference committee stage according to Indiana Farm Bureau’s Public Policy staff. They are urging members and rural land owners to call or e-mail lawmakers to press for action on SB 330 which deals with annexation reform. Farm Bureau’s position on annexation is that no citizen should have to go through the experience of a trial to defend his or her right to determine the destiny of his or her own real property in a courtroom, let alone pay for defending themselves. In addition, IFB supports the concept that farmland that ends up in a city/town should not pay municipal taxes, no matter what part of the annexation law was used.


taxAlso facing a critical conference committee vote is SB 436. It includes a freeze of the soil productivity factors, a freeze or low growth formula of the base value, and clarification of what should be assessed as farmland. Farm Bureau says freezing the base value will avert another 18 percent increase in the base value. The current level of farmland taxes cannot be sustained under today’s market conditions.

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