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Farm Bureau 100 Year Celebration Hits New Orleans this Weekend



The American Farm Bureau Federation turns 100 this year. There will be plenty of celebrating for members of the nation’s largest farm organization, and AFBF President Zippy Duvall is proud that their mission has remained the same since 1919.

“If you think about what the mission was in 1919 and that mission hasn’t changed to this day, and that’s to bring one united voice for American farmers and ranchers to Washington, D.C., and to the policymaking on the national level. We were relevant to the cause in 1919 and we’re just as relevant, if not more, in 2019, and I think that’s really something that we as members of this organization and leadership of this organization should be really proud of.”

Farm Bureau is kicking off the centennial celebration this weekend during the AFBF annual convention in New Orleans through January 16.

Zippy Duvall

“We’ll have a taste of the states of the country, and everybody will be able to share that on the trade show floor. And then Secretary Perdue will be there with us and he’ll be helping us celebrate the 100th, and who knows what other guests may show up and surprise us in that meeting, so I encourage everybody to come to our convention and let’s celebrate the successes that we’ve had for 100 years.”

Duvall says that as Farm Bureau celebrates its centennial in 2019, there’s a bright future ahead for agriculture and rural communities.

“As more people seem to be removed from the farm, I think you’re going to see it reverse and see a lot of people leave the urban areas and go back to the countryside, especially after you see broadband get spread into the rural parts of the country where young people don’t mind going back and working. If that happens, you’ll see agriculture expand, we’ll create other jobs in rural communities, and I think you’ll see rural America revitalized.”

Hoosier Ag Today will cover the Indiana delegation at the annual convention in New Orleans and look for the culmination of Indiana Farm Bureau’s 100-years celebration at the state convention back in French Lick December 12-14, 2019.