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Farm Bureau Economist: Buy Local to Help With Supply Chain Crisis


Supply chain issues haven’t just impacted what we’re bringing into the United States, it’s also impacted what we’re trying to send out. Farm Bureau Chief Economist Roger Cryan says, “A lot of shortages have popped up because it’s been difficult to get things shipped across the ocean. We’ve had difficulty exporting ag products because there aren’t enough containers.

“The shipping companies are grabbing the containers back as fast as they can to get them back to Asia to fill up again. There’s just been some disruption. Even though we have record high ag exports this year, they would be higher if it weren’t for some of these problems.”

Cryan suggests that you can help with the supply chain crisis this holiday season.

“To help make room on the ships for the computer chips to allow the combine manufactures to finish those equipments, to allow the automobile manufacturers to put those cars that they built into service, to bring the fertilizer in that the farmers need, to bring the building materials that folks need, the things that are really needed to run our businesses and our farms in this country, instead of ordering another TV or instead of ordering another furniture set from East Asia that needs to come across the Pacific to our west coast ports, for the time being it would be helpful to buy something local.”

Cryan says Farm Bureau loves trade and they want you to have that TV eventually, but this year you might consider buying a local cheese basket, fruit basket, some local wine, or a gift certificate to the restaurant on Main Street.

“Maybe this year we can appreciate the great things that we have close by and let that brighten our holiday.”

One way to shop local is to shop for Indiana Grown products. You can find them in many local grocery stores throughout the state- just look for the Indiana Grown logo. You can also visit shopindianagrown.org.