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Farm Bureau Members Ready to Tackle the Issues in Orlando


Kron on upcoming AFBF issues

Bob Stallman Day at USDAMany farmers across the country will soon be in Orlando, Florida for the annual meeting of American Farm Bureau, the nation’s largest farm organization. Current issues they’ll be discussing and developing policy to address are nothing new. New Indiana Farm Bureau president Randy Kron says Waters of the U.S and GMO labeling will be on the agenda.

“Those are probably two of the top ones that we’re going to be concerned about and having a lot of discussion and trying to get some fixes to those. Over regulation is always a concern, whether it’s EPA or endangered species, and as I said WOTUS. All of those are going to be priorities.”

Kron told HAT right now he is feeling very positive for AFBF candidate for president, Knox County’s Don Villwock.

“We’ll see what happens. Hopefully the members do what they say and I think we’ll have the first president from Indiana serving as American Farm Bureau president. I’ll knock on wood and hope that’s the case,” he said.

Kron added it would absolutely be a great feather for Indiana, and “we’d be proud of that.”

The man the candidates hope to replace as president was honored this week at USDA by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden. At the ceremony Vilsack said we might not have a farm bill right now without the work of Farm Bureau led by Bob Stallman.

“I’m proud of that bill and the work that the deputy and her team did in implementing the 2014 farm bill in record fashion, but I’m particularly pleased that we’re getting relief and assistance to the folks who need it and deserve it. Without Bob’s help we would not have had that 2014 farm bill. And it wouldn’t have been crafted as creatively and innovatively as it was.”

USDA proclaimed Wednesday, January 6th Bob Stallman Appreciation Day.