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Farm Bureau Offers Election Web Resources for Rural Votes


Farm Bureau election website

Farm Bureau voter websiteThe Republican National Convention is in full swing and it will be followed by the Democrat National Convention starting Monday July 25th. Rural voters who would like a resource to learn more about the positions of the presidential candidates can tap into a website provided by the American Farm Bureau. Election16.fb.org gives rural voters an informative look at everything from the campaign for president to local issues. Featuring on option to select a state, the website personalizes voting information for users. Farm Bureau advocacy and political affairs director Cody Lyon says the website gives rural voters information needed to make an informed decision in November.

Cody Lyon“Last year Farm Bureau created an election website called Election16.fb.org. And at that website we provide analysis of what’s going on issues that may be important to farmers and ranchers and rural communities. And recently we’ve added a lot of voter resources.”

He says the website offers a one-stop-shop for rural voters to find election information.

“They can come and find out this is Farm Bureau’s perspective, this is what Farm Bureau’s at right now, this is what the candidates are saying on these issues, these are the resources at my fingertips to help a voter be well informed, get the information they need to cast their ballot whenever the election starts in their state.”

Following the party conventions, he says Farm Bureau will submit questions to each candidate on key issues to agriculture and post their responses.

“So we’ll know where Secretary Clinton stands on trade, for instance, or biotechnology or the Farm Bill or regulatory reform, and we’ll as the same questions of Mr. Trump about the issues to farmers and ranchers around the country.”