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Farm Bureau Supports Youth During County Fair Season


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INFB Find Your VoiceWhere do Indiana Farm Bureau membership dollars go? A portion of membership goes right back into county efforts to support young people in 4-H and FFA and there is a good chance to see that in action during local county fairs around Indiana. In a Farm Bureau Membership Minute Chelsea Poe, Membership Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Indiana Farm Bureau explains many counties have a booth or actual building at the fair.

“Our county Farm Bureaus are very involved with the local community and with youth development throughout the state,” she says. “They do things like sponsoring different activities, whether that be tractor pulls or livestock shows at those county fairs. Some counties also put money towards 4-H auction animals. It’s very important for us that those kids get involved and know a little bit more about Indiana Farm Bureau because that is the future of Indiana agriculture.”

And of course Indiana Farm Bureau is highly active at the Indiana State Fair, all over the fairgrounds and in their own Farm Bureau building on the north side. There you’ll find lots of ag education, games with prizes, free popcorn and more.

“This year we’ve got some good scavenger hunts,” Poe told HAT. “We’ve got My American Farm games that are on touch screen computer that kids can really go in and play with and get prizes. We also have our insurance company there is people do want information. There are a lot of things we have to offer and we think that it’s very important to make sure that our communities know that Indiana Farm Bureau supports youth, whether that be at the local or state level.”

Farm Bureau membership can last a lifetime. To become a member of Indiana Farm Bureau for just $32.50 visit their website, www.infb.org/findyourvoice.