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Farm Bureau to Match Law Foundation Contributions


Indiana Farm Bureau logoFrom now until Dec. 31, Indiana Farm Bureau will match contributions made to the Indiana Agricultural Law Foundation by individuals and family farms. “We have all witnessed the growing involvement of the judicial branch of government in decisions affecting agriculture,” said IFB President Don Villwock. “The foundation is unique in that it works in an area that is not served by any other group or organization in agriculture.”


The match is dollar-for-dollar, so if a farm donates $100 to IALF, IFB will contribute $100. The organization has set aside $15,000 for matching funds. Indiana Farm Bureau established the foundation in 2005 to promote a better understanding of legal issues facing Indiana agriculture. IALF’s mission is to develop educational and legal initiatives that support the advancement of Indiana agriculture. The foundation uses educational programming and support of precedent-setting litigation to accomplish those goals. IALF educational programs and initiatives are geared toward a wide range of agricultural stakeholders including farmers, landowners and agribusiness organizations as well as attorneys and judges.


In its history, IALF has supported litigation including right-to-farm cases, property rights and annexation. It held two workshops this summer; the first covered estate and succession planning while the second was on big data and unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture.

IALF is a 501(c)(3); contributions may be tax-deductible. To learn more or make a contribution, visit www.inaglaw.org.