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Farm Science Review Brings Partners and Producers Together



For The Ohio State University, the just concluded Farm Science Review brings partners and producers together. One of those partners is Purdue.

It was the first Farm Science Review for Cathann Kress since becoming Dean of the College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. She says walking onto the show site was like being a kid on Christmas morning, but instead of presents under the tree the Dean could see partners and producers coming together in one place to find out what’s important to agriculture. And when it comes to partners, Dean Kress is especially excited with the partnership between Ohio State and Purdue University.

“We have a great partnership with Purdue,” said Dean Kress. “Our hope is that we can really grow those partnerships and create some things that can be focused on regionally, because we recognize that while we recognize where the state line is, a lot of issues in agriculture don’t recognize the state line, so I think there will be some tremendous opportunities from that.”

While field demonstrations were limited because of rain, farmers were still curious about yields. Matt Sullivan says crops at the Molly Caren Ag Center, the site of Farm Science Review, benefited from rain throughout the growing season.

“I rode in the combine when we were starting to open fields and we were seeing yields of 160-170 bushel corn and it is 100 day corn, so early corn,” Sullivan said. The interesting part of it was the moisture, I mean it was in the high 20’s.”