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Farm Service Agency Deadlines Drawing Near


Farm Service Agency Deadlines Drawing Near

The 2018 acreage reporting deadline is quickly approaching. The typical deadline is July 15 but has been extended to July 16 due to the 15th being on a Sunday. Indiana Farm Service Agency Executive Director Steve Brown told Hoosier Ag Today how important meeting this deadline is.

“It ensures eligibility requirements in several programs that we have. In our case, it’s our corn and soybeans ARC & PLC program. We have to have acreage certification for producers to be eligible for that. Also, you have to have an acreage report for Risk Management Association (RMA) as well.”

Brown says, overall, reporting around the state is going well; however, “We’ve got some counties that had some planting issues, a little delayed planting, and they’re falling behind a little bit, but we still anticipate that producers will get in and get certified. Our county offices are working really hard; employees are scheduling appointments and getting producers in to try to help meet this requirement.”

Along with this deadline, another to keep in mind this summer is the August 1st enrollment deadline for the FSA’s ARC & PLC Safety Net Program.

You can find more information by visiting the Indiana FSA site here.