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From the Farm to the Virtual Classroom


From the Farm to the Virtual Classroom

As students around the state continue with E-learning, some teachers have brought ag into their virtual classrooms.

Ryan Rippy farms in Tippecanoe, Montgomery, and Fountain counties and his wife teaches elementary school in West Lafayette. He spent some time Monday on a Zoom call with her 3rd graders from the field.

“We are a little bit nervous about this rain coming in and cold temperatures. So, trying to find something to do so we’re spraying. I was talking to them a lot about the autosteer and mapping capabilities of the sprayer and using my FieldView to map my sprayer passes.”

And he said they thought the autosteer was pretty cool. I asked him why he and his wife thought sharing that experience with her students was important.

“All of us need a farmer at least three times a day, and these kids being in a more urban setting don’t have a lot of exposure to that. So, getting them something to relate to, to have some understanding about how food is produced I think is really important.”

Rippy also gave me a planting update. He says he’s right in line with the Indiana average on corn with about a third of it done.

“We kind of held back with some of the colder temperatures so haven’t knocked it out of the park there, but we’re wrapping it up on beans. I would say we’re 75% or maybe a little bit farther. A day or a day and a half and we’ll probably be done with beans.”