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Farmers Anxious About More Than Weather


This year more than ever, farmers are feeling a great deal of anxiety about many things, but the drought is just one of them. Brad Burbrink, a corn and soybean farmer in Vigo County, says it is not just the weather that is keeping him up at night, “I am very concerned about what the markets are going to do.” He told HAT many farmers are also concerned about their crop insurance, “It is something you buy in the winter and then sort of forget about.” He said many growers are digging in their desks trying to find that policy and reading it very carefully, “This year they are very interested in what that coverage is.”


Once you find that crop insurance policy, you should find an agent willing to work with you. Tom Zacharias, President of the National Crop Insurance Association, says the industry is responding to the disaster and working with growers, “We have 5000 claims adjusters and 15,000 agents working overtime to serve farm families impacted by the drought.” Most Indiana agents we have talked with indicate they are keeping quite busy and strongly suggest farmers make sure they have contacted their provider before taking any action on their crops.


Another cause of concern is the lack of a farm bill. But Zacharias says crop insurance will be there no matter what happens or does not happen in Washington, “Crop insurance will be there even if there is not a new farm bill, because it is part of permanent law.”  It is estimated that 75% of Indiana cropland is covered by crop insurance policies.