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Why Farmers Can’t Afford to Ignore P, K in Crop Nutrition Plans


Whether it be too much or too little moisture, low prices, or something else, each season of farming seems to have its own set of challenges.

Cashflow in 2020 for most farmers is pretty tight, and some might be looking at either cutting back on phosphorus and potassium or eliminating them altogether to favor a more nitrogen-specific strategy. John Leif, AgroLiquid agronomist, says he understands the need to save money, but that’s not the best way to do it.

“Crop nutrition is not just an expense, but a true input and investment to get the best return out of your field that you can,” said Leif.

The last few years, Leif has been seeing more farmers lean heavy on nitrogen. In general, those plans will work in the short-term, depending on the nutrients in your soil. He says those growers need to address their P and K levels to maintain good crop yields and quality.

“There will come a time when those nutrients have been either locked up by the other nutrients in the soil or they’re become depleted due to the crop removal and any kind of leaching or movement off site that can happen in a grower’s field,” said Leif. “There is a short-term strategy with that, but there are some long-term consequences to it as well.”

A good nutritional foundation is key to having the best overall yield and best overall ROI, says Leif.

“Phosphorus and potassium do cost additional money, but if you’re limited on that, all the nitrogen in the world isn’t going to overcome that,” he said. “A good, balanced crop nutrition program is vital to the overall success of a farming operation.”

It’s not too late to check and see what your soils need to maximize your profits. AgroLiquid encourages quality, up-to-date soil testing to see what your soils have or lack to develop a crop nutrition plan.

“The first step is a good soil test, and AgroLiquid has products you can put out at planting for phosphorus and potassium,” said Leif. “They also have products that can be applied in-season either as a sidedress or as a foliar application, depending on the crop’s needs to meet those crop nutrition needs.”

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