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Farmers Consider Switching Back to Anhydrous as Fertilizer Prices Climb


A new Purdue Crop Chat Podcast is available now at hoosieragtoday.com and it features Jim Camberato, Purdue Extension Soil Fertility Specialist. In it, we tackle the hot topic of fertilizer prices. Camberato says, generally, fertilizer costs are about a 1/3 of the crop budget under normal circumstances. It will be a lot more for the ’22 crop.

“In general, it looks like the fertilizer prices doubled from last year and there is a very low supply, or no supply, or no promised supply of liquid nitrogen. So, people are really wondering what they’re going to do, and we’ve heard a lot of people that are thinking about going back to anhydrous.”

Anhydrous prices are increasing as well, but Camberato hears that it is still cheaper and more available. If you’ve never used anhydrous, or it’s been a long time since you’ve used it, and you want to use it this fall, Camberato says you first must review anhydrous safety precautions.

“And then agronomically, we talk about not applying it south of Indianapolis. It really shouldn’t be an option there because the winters are too warm and the potential for loss is too great. North of Indianapolis, our general rule of thumb is to wait until soil temperatures at 4 inches get below 50°F and we aren’t there now. It just turned cool last week.”

For those in southern Indiana, Camberato adds that a spring application of anhydrous might be the best, and only, option due to supply chain issues.

We also discuss rising phosphorus and potassium prices and how to combat that for next growing season in the Purdue Crop Chat Podcast, available now below.