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Farmers Fleeing HSUS Ag Advisory Councils


At least six farmers have left The Humane Society of the United States advisory councils in the past year, including its newly formed National Agriculture Advisory Council. After forming 11 state councils, HSUS announced a national council in May. Former members called the councils by HSUS “window dressing,” claiming HSUS did not make good on its promise to support farmers and ranchers who give proper care to their animals. Further, HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle removed high-profile rancher Kevin Fulton from the national council. Fulton, who runs an organic grazing operation, was apparently pushing back on what he saw as a radical vegan agenda out of sync with HSUS’ own mission statement. Other farmers made similar charges. HSUS, however, disputed the story and the reason Fulton was asked to step down.

HSUS says Fulton was asked to step down because he threatened an HSUS staff member, adding that organization still has “around 50 farmers and ranchers” actively involved in agriculture councils.

Source: NAFB News Service