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Farmers Help Build Communities


farmers grow communeties logo squareLast year Donna Kingsolver of Clinton County, Rita Maple of Howard County, Julie Hale of Wayne County, and Timothy Ritchie of Delaware County all helped win grants for organizations in their community from the Monsanto. Heather Wolf with Monsanto explains how the program works, “Farmers in eligible counties sign up for the program and indicate what organization they would like to help.”  If a grower’s name is drawn, his or her designated organization will receive a $2,500 grant from Monsanto.


The contest is not limited to any specific organization, but Wolf says it just has to be a 501C-3 non-profit, “We have had FFA chapters, 4-H chapters, schools, hospitals, fire departments, and food pantries all win.” This is the 4th year the program has been offered in Indiana.


Last year in Indiana, $415,000 was directed to non-profit organizations through Grow Communities. This year the Monsanto Fund will invest $207,500 in 83 Indiana counties. In Illinois, the Monsanto Fund will invest $240,000 in 96 eligible counties, in Kentucky, $82,500 in 33 eligible counties, and in Ohio, $162,500 in 65 eligible counties.


Get more details and sign up at https://www.americasfarmers.com/growcommunities/