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Farmers Need to be Flexible in Short Planting Window


Farmers Need to be Flexible in Short Planting Window

With a lot of fieldwork yet to be done before planters start to roll, growers may need to be flexible on crop inputs this year. Field preparation is just now getting underway, and planting may not begin in earnest until the end of the month. This means farmers may have to modify their timetable for getting fertilizer application started. Jeff Moon, with Corteva, says a lot of nitrogen may not get applied until after planting, “If time starts running short and they cannot get that pre-plant nitrogen down, they can pivot their plan and go with a side dress or top dress application.”

Moon says moving nitrogen application after planting will not impact yields, “The good news is that we have the products and the equipment to take a different approach and expect very good results.” He added replacing nitrogen levels will be especially critical this year after last year’s yields. Moon also stressed that good communication with retailers and input suppliers will be critical in what will be a compressed planting window this year.

When it comes to weed control, Moon says sticking with a pre-emerge program is still the best option, “Pre-emerge products really give us the biggest bang for the buck. In corn, we are talking about products like Resicore or Sure Start. For soybeans, it is products like Sonic.” He said these products provide a good foundation of weed control and set up growers for success later in the year.  “To address weed control from a total post stand point it is hard to get the timing right; it is hard to get that residual layer of control that you want,” Moon stated.

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