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Farmers Need More out of Next Payroll Protection Plan


Farmers would prefer changes to future Paycheck Protection Program legislation, and that may be in the works. Congress is considering changes in the next legislation for the program and the American Farm Bureau wants corrections that allow for better farmer participation. AFBF Congressional Relations Director RJ Karney says action will happen soon.

“We expect the House to take up a bill this week,” he said. “The Senate is expected to vote on its bipartisan bill shortly after getting back into session next week. While Farm Bureau is supportive of these bipartisan efforts, Farm Bureau is also asking for additional corrections that would allow agricultural producers to more fully participate in the Paycheck Protection Program.”

Farm Bureau wants Congress to allow farmers to increase net farm income on their 2019 Schedule F tax form. Karney says farmers showing a zero or negative net farm income on the form may not be eligible for the program.

“Farm Bureau recommends that farmers be allowed to increase their net-farm income through all rental income, farm equipment trades, breeding livestock and other documented sources of income. There’s also a lot of uncertainty on how H-2A qualify as an employee for the Paycheck Protection Program. Farm Bureau asks Congress to allow all H-2A workers in the United States to qualify for the program when determining the employee count and for purposes of eligibility.”

Karney encourages farmers to get involved in the process.

“We encourage farmers and ranchers to contact their members of Congress and share their stories about the concerns they have for the Paycheck Protection Program and what changes are needed so they can fully participate more in the program.”

So, as Farm Bureau likes to say, Find Your Voice.

Source: AFBF