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Farmers Still Support Trump, but Worry Over Farm Bill


While some polls say President Trump’s support base has begun to slip, a new survey shows a majority of farmers (55 percent) would give Trump an A or B if they were to assign a grade to him on domestic issues. Twenty-six percent would give him a C. The survey found that farmers seem to be mostly okay with Trump’s work on domestic issues. A slightly smaller number at 49 percent would give Trump an A or B on agricultural issues.

The survey found producers seriously worried about the new farm bill. Seventy-six percent are worried the new farm bill will not provide an adequate safety net for their farms.Thirty-nine percent of farmers surveyed listed the new farm bill as their number one business priority.

Twenty-three percent listed tax reform as their number one priority, while 12 percent listed cutting back on government spending. Eight percent selected increasing infrastructure spending as their top priority, and regulatory reform was chosen by 5 percent of respondents. Fifty-eight percent of farmers do not expect Congress to approve spending money for infrastructure improvements over the next year, while 86 percent of farmers say the president’s attempts to decrease regulations are a good thing for their farms.