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How Fast Can We Plant the Indiana Crop?


Growers made a lot of progress on planting this week ahead of the rains that halted activity in many areas. How fast can we plant a crop in Indiana? According to Greg Matli, with the Indiana Ag Statistics Service, the record for fastest planting was set in 1955 when we planted 52% of the state’s corn crop in just 1 week, going from 10% to 62% complete in just 7 days. We tied that record in 1980 and came close in 2001 when we moved from 40% to 90% planted in a week.

The record for the fastest planting of soybeans is 1966 when we put in 45% of the crop in one week. In 2001, we planted 42% and, in 2009, 40% of the soybean crop was planted in one week. Matli said records show that 2001 was an especially busy spring. That year Indiana farmers planted 50% of the corn and 40% of the soybeans in one week. We will find out how much we got planted this week on Monday, when the USDA releases planting progress for this week.