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FBN Kicks Off Fifth Annual Farmer2Farmer Conference


Farmers Business NetworkSM(FBN), the independent farmer-to-farmer network, announced at its fifth annual Farmer2Farmer Conference a series of investments designed to further its commitment to the expansion of rural economies.

“We’re proud to bring jobs, revenue and savings to farming communities across North America.”

The FBN Partner Program, comprised of local, physical distribution and sales centers, seed ambassadors and community builders, has expanded to more than 180 partners in the U.S. and Canada, with further expansions planned for 2020 and beyond.

“We are thrilled to put boots on the ground and establish a physical presence that supports local economies through our rapidly expanding Partner Program,” said Amol Deshpande, CEO and Co-Founder of Farmers Business Network. “We’re proud to bring jobs, revenue and savings to farming communities across North America.”

The global reach of FBN continues with its expansion into Australia. With agriculture representing a $60 billion industry in Australia and farmers there facing the same supplier consolidation and limited competition as their North American counterparts, FBN is poised to bring its trademark innovation and decision technology to benefit thousands of Australian farmers.

Today the F2F Genetics Network, the seed arm of FBN, also announced plans to release its first post-patent GT corn seed and outlined its regulatory work for Bt corn, with additional post-patent traits coming in the next few years. F2F Genetics Network also announced its first ever offering of Arcadia’s GoodWheat, a high-fiber wheat variety.

“For decades, Big Ag has had a stranglehold on the seed industry,” said Deshpande. “But as Big Ag’s seed patents have started to expire in recent years, a massive opportunity opened to bring high-yielding, traited seed to our members for a fraction of the price. We’re excited to bring these savings and true ROI to farmers.”

The company made a range of announcements across its suite of commercial solutions:

F2F Genetics Network: The pioneering seed platform of FBN reached nearly 1,000 customers in its first year (2018), and 2020 sales have already eclipsed that mark, due to the focus of the F2F Genetics Network on maximizing seed ROI. For 2020, F2F Genetics Network is making a full line of conventional and traited seeds available at disruptively low, national flat pricing.

FBN Direct™: FBN continues to expand its industry-leading FBN Direct eCommerce input platform with new products, programs, financing and distribution. FBN Direct also announced the addition of agronomy services and a rewards program.

FBN Financesm: FBN today announced the launch of its newest business in 2019, FBN Finance, which provides access to competitive financing opportunities for farmers.

FBN Finance provides qualified farmers a full suite of lending products for operating capital, equipment, land and inputs. The service offers attractive rates and terms as an alternative lender, without the red tape, costs, and inflexibility farmers might run into elsewhere.

FBN Crop Marketing: FBN now has more than 200 million bushels of crop production enrolled through its Crop Marketing platform, which offers farmers expert advice and proprietary contracting opportunities. FBN announced the release of HedgeCommand, a grain marketing digital control panel that uses data science to generate truly personalized pricing recommendations for farmers.

Throughout the three-day conference in Omaha, FBN is conducting sessions and hands-on demos for farmers about how FBN Crop Marketing, FBN Health, FBN Direct, FBN Community, FBN Finance can work to drive profits across their operations. Leading industry analysts and investors are also in attendance, maximizing networking opportunities.

Source: Farmers Business Network