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FBN Lowers Prices on 2020 Seeds


Many seed companies are holding the line on prices for 2020, but Farmers Business Network is going one step further.

This is the second year FBN has been selling seed, and they have taken the bold step of lowering seed prices.

“It does not look like farmers’ income is going up, so we decided to kick off our 2020 sales season by offering $99 corn and lowering our soybean seeds to $27 for Roundup Ready soybeans,” said Ron Wulfkuhle, head of seed for FBN.

He told HAT that FBN seeds are low in price but not low in quality.

“We have been able to bring genetics straight from the breeder to the farmer, eliminating the middleman,” said Wulfkuhle. “It has also allowed us to keep these prices at very low levels to help growers maximize their return on investment.”

FBN also offers a lineup of sorghum hybrids including grain sorghum, forage sorghum, and sorghum sudangrass.