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FDA Considers Calling Back More Inspectors


The Food and Drug Administration is considering calling back more furloughed workers to help with inspections of high-risk foods. The FDA last week said it would restart inspections of high-risk foods that had been stopped due to the federal government shutdown. Over the weekend, Gottlieb took to Twitter to say, “more staff could be on the way depending on needs.” He says the FDA has called back about 100 investigators and 35 supervisors for high-risk food inspections. Among the foods the FDA considers high risk are seafood, select dairy products, unpasteurized juices, fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, shell eggs, sandwiches, prepared salads and infant formula.

Meanwhile, the National Pork Producers Council reminded the nation over the weekend that federal meat inspectors are working in meat packing plants despite the government shutdown. NPPC and other livestock groups a year ago urged USDA to deem inspectors as essential employees, because without inspectors, “meat and poultry processing plants are prohibited by law from operating.”

Source: NAFB News Service