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Feed Industry Supports National Ag Day


agday-logo-colorNational Ag Day is Tuesday,  and the American Feed Industry Association is proud to be a sponsor of this event hosted by the Agriculture Council of America. AFIA President and CEO Joel Newman says the Association’s member companies play a vital role in the production of healthy, safe and wholesome animal food products consumed globally. Newman says AFIA is proud to support an initiative such as Ag Day that allows them to spread knowledge not just about the feed industry – but the value agriculture as a whole provides to consumers’ daily lives. For more information about National Ag Day – visit ag day dot org (www.agday.org).


The National Ag Day program believes that every American

1 understand how food, fiber and renewable resource products
are produced.
2 value the essential role of agriculture in maintaining a strong
3 appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing safe,
abundant and affordable products.
4 acknowledge and consider career opportunities in the
agriculture, food, fiber and renewable resource industries.


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