FFA Pavilion at Fair Mixes Fun and Agriculture Education


The 17 days of the Indiana State Fair roll on, and one exhibit for the whole family, rural and urban alike, is free and located right near the circus tent on the north side of the fairgrounds. Check out the FFA Pavilion for an interactive experience in their new and revamped exhibits.

“For my area I have the Farm to Fork, which is a really cool opportunity for people in Marion County and those who maybe don’t have an ag background to understand where their food comes from and understand the process behind their food,” says FFA North Region Vice President, Savannah Bordner. “So, I kind of revamped that after last year’s team took part in making that area happen, so just improving on that this year.”

There is an exhibit explaining conservation and no-till crop practices, and Austin Berenda from South Newton told HAT that a longtime staple in the FFA pavilion is back this year providing a good time for young and old, and both experienced and novice players.

“I think it would be out of line if we didn’t mention the awesome putt putt golf course,” he explained. “The mini golf is awesome, it’s free, so anyone can go through 18 holes and have a nice round with their family, either competitively or for fun. But, we also have these new FAQs set up so everybody can learn a little bit about agriculture. There’s a fun fact at every single golf hole, and some of them are a little bit more fun than others.”

Chyenne Deno says after the state fair the FFA state officers turn their attention to conferences for which they’ve already been preparing.

“It’s a camp weekend where FFA members can come down to our FFA leadership center in Trafalgar, and they can learn about what they can do in FFA. They can learn about how to become better leaders. The first camp that we get to run is called Leadership Development Workshop and that’s for all of our chapter officer teams to learn how to do better community service projects and raise money either for a cause or their chapter.”

Get to know the state officer team in the video from the FFA Pavilion at the HAT YouTube channel.