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#ffaweek is Coming February 16-23 Across the Country


#ffaweek is Coming February 16-23 Across the Country

National FFA Week is coming Feb. 16-23. It’s an opportunity for chapters around the country to share what FFA is and the impact it has on members every day. I spent some time Monday at the National FFA Center in Indianapolis speaking with National FFA officers as they prepare for #ffaweek.

Shea Booster from Oregon is serving as the Western Region Vice President. He said, “I think most see national convention as the biggest part of the year for FFA. I’d like to see National FFA Week be the biggest part for members because it’s a whole week dedicated to celebrating the organization that we love, celebrating what it has done for us, and what it has done for the nearly 8 million members that came before us.”

Booster will be spending part of the week in Arkansas to meet with members there. He’s looking forward to getting involved with some of the local chapters there to see how they celebrate FFA Week.

“Individual chapters in the area and even across the country do a variety of different activities. I know my home chapter used to do ‘cow pie bingo’. Other chapters played donkey basketball. Some advocate for their FFA programs and for agriculture through service events and fundraisers. Anything they can do to get their name out there, but also the name of the FFA and the mission of what we’re doing within the organization.”

He says it’s important to spread the message about FFA during this special week. Booster is one that maybe wouldn’t have found FFA if someone hadn’t advocated to him.

“I didn’t come from an agriculture background. I had no idea what farming was or what agriculture really looked like outside the different varieties of mac and cheese in my supermarket. Once I started in the FFA, I was able to see that I have a role to play even if I live in a downtown apartment. I contribute to agriculture every day. Agriculture contributes to me every day, and if I’m not going to be out there advocating for it then who is?”

#ffaweek is Feb. 16-23. Be sure to check with your local chapters to see what exciting events will be held in your area.