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FFBT’s Osborn Winner of Indiana Farm Bureau Discussion Meet


FFBT’s Osborn Winner of Indiana Farm Bureau Discussion Meet

A little over two weeks ago at the Indiana Farm Bureau Annual Convention, Miami County’s Amie Osborn, VP and Commercial and Ag Lender for First Farmers Bank & Trust, was the winner of the Young Farmer Discussion Meet. This means she gets to travel to Austin, TX to compete in the national discussion meet and she is excited about the opportunity.

“This is my first time truly having Indiana on my name. I’m not from Indiana. I’m from California. (We) moved here about 5 years ago. So, this is such a proud moment for me and my husband. We were driving home after the Indiana Farm Bureau (convention) just laughing going, ‘Okay. We’re here in Indiana. We are representing Indiana agriculture.’ It’s a passion that we have. It’s a passion that I’ve been pushing since I was young, and I feel like I’m finally engrossed into Indiana agriculture. And I love the people and I love being a representation of them.”

Osborn credits her employer for helping her get to this point where she has a voice in Indiana ag.

“First Farmers Bank & Trust has been supportive all the way through from when I got hired on doing ALP, AgriInstitute’s Leadership Program, they have sponsored that and helped me support that. So, they have been extremely supportive and encouraging in getting my voice out and being a representation of, not only just our clients, but also the agriculture industry as a whole.”

Osborn says that she took the competition very seriously, as one of the ideas that popped up during the discussion could be valuable to help create future policy.

“As our ag producer population is reducing, we have to rely on allied industries to have those conversations, and continue to build agriculture, and improve the future of it.”

As the winner, Osborn won $4,000 from Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. She will compete at the national Young Farmer & Rancher Discussion Meet at the American Farm Bureau Convention Jan. 17-22. Hoosier Ag Today will be in Austin as well with all the coverage.

The three runners-up were Logan Springstun of Warrick County, Rachel Gentry of Spencer County and Kent Burton of Fulton County. The runners-up each received a $1,000 cash prize from Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.

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