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Field Challenges for 2020


Field Challenges for 2020

The 2019 growing season is behind us; however, its impacts will present some serious challenges for growers in 2020. Estimates are that upwards of 10% of Indiana corn and soybean cropland was not planted in 2019. Dairyland Seeds agronomist Dan Ritter says how those fields were managed will determine how they will perform in 2020, “Were they just left to grow rank with weeds or was there a cover crop used? Fallow field syndrome may be something some growers will have to deal with.”

Dairyland Agronomist Terry Jones says rough harvest conditions and the lack of fall fieldwork have left those fields that were planted in tough shape, “Most folks harvested the crop in some very poor conditions, so dealing with the compaction that is out there is going to be an issue that needs attention.”

Weed control will also be a challenge this year. Rod King with Dairyland says new technology will provide some new options, “We will have a full line of Enlist seeds for 2020, and that will give growers some new options. That is something we are going to be talking with growers a lot about in 2020.”

All three men says getting into the fields early this year will be vital to address some of these issues. The three agronomists spoke with Hoosier Ag Today at the Fort Wayne Farm Show.