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Field Prep a Priority for Southwest Indiana


Field Prep a Priority for Southwest Indiana

Farmers in Southwest Indiana will begin the 2019 season with the unusual situation of still having 2018 crops in the field. “Yes, we still have corn in the fields from 2018 in some areas,” according to Dan Emmert with Pioneer. He said getting fields ready will be the primary focus for the early part of April, “Some people will have to deal with ruts in the field, and others still have to do burndown.”

He told HAT, while the weather has been too cold and wet to do fieldwork, the weeds and cover crops are green and growing, “But we have to wait until the soil dries out before we get in and work it or we will just be causing more problems for ourselves in 2019.” He recommends growers not till any deeper than the ruts they have.

Emmert says dealing with soil fertility will also be a key consideration this year, “We have had very good yields for the past few years, so the removal rates of P&K have been much higher than normal.” He warned growers about applying anhydrous ammonia too close to planting and causing seedling damage. He said separating the two with time or distance is the best but that may be an issue in what will be a compressed planting window. He predicts it will be the end of April before much planting activity takes place.

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