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Final Hurdle to E15 Cleared


While there are still challenges that make it difficult to predict the exact time frame for the growth of E15 sales volumes – the American ethanol industry has satisfied all federal requirements for E15 commercial sales as set by the partial E15 waiver granted by the EPA. The final federal hurdle to E15 availability was a nationwide fuel survey that 99 ethanol producers have funded. It will begin on May 1st. Each year the survey will collect more than 75-hundred samples of all gasolines available nationwide. The Renewable Fuels Association, Growth Energy and the American Coalition for Ethanol praised the industry for stepping up to the plate to help bring E15 to the market.

RFA, Growth Energy and ACE state that the industry is committed to giving consumers greater choice at the pump by making E15 a commercial reality. They will work with the petroleum industry, gas retailers, automakers and consumers to ensure the fuel is used properly – but will not stand idly by and allow wild and unsubstantiated claims about ethanol and E15 that are designed to malign ethanol and scare consumers. The groups say E15 is the most tested fuel ever approved by EPA and is perfectly safe for the engines approved in the waiver.

Source: NAFB News Service