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Finally a Positive Weather Shift for Crops


Better weather

June wet soybeans-15Indiana farmers just haven’t been able to dial in the weather they need at the right times for their crops this year. As a result significant crops are actually beyond rescuing, and others need help quickly. Forecasts indicate some sunshine and heat are nearby, two things the crops desperately need. Hoosier Ag Today chief meteorologist Ryan Martin says the heat is here, “starting today and going through the weekend, Saturday and Sunday. We’ve been talking in our forecasts that there is about a 3 day stretch of some pretty significant heat coming and there are two kinds of heat. There’s the kind of heat that everybody’s going to be complaining about, and the complaints are going to be loud. Heat indexes are probably going to be in the mid 90’s to low triple digits across the state. So it’s going to feel nasty. But the actual air temperatures that are accompanying this are quite a bit under that, upper 80’s and I think central and southern Indiana probably will poke into the low 90’s.”

Sunshine has been hard to come by this year too, but some decent doses of it are on the way.

“We’re going to see that a little more off and on to start because we do have two clusters of thunderstorms that need to move through, but starting next Tuesday and going on through probably the week following, I think we see a lot of sunshine and dry air. Those are the two things we need. And the corn that is damaged is done. There’s no saving that. Beans probably have as big of a shot at turning around as anything, so the sunshine and the warm air will help. We’re going to add a little bit of moisture here but I think we’re going to start to move down the road we need to move down.”

Martin says the rain action on Thursday across the state was pretty minor, and “the action the action that moves through here Friday is going to be minor and probably moving through pretty quick with a quarter to one inch maximum. The one we have to watch is what develops Sunday night through Monday and into early Tuesday.”

Many eyes are focused now on August weather, an important month for soybeans. Will we finally see a good month for crops?

“Well I think so. To get cues for august let’s look once we get this little pattern change to come at what’s moving in. What we’re seeing here the last week to 10 days of July is a shift toward dryer weather and some timely rains. We’ve got another system around the 30th so we may put together 5-6 dry days but we’ve got some rain moving through. Then we go back to the dryness and the sunshine.”

Martin added, “I had some guys tell me earlier this week it’s very nice to see rains come through and sun come out behind. So we’re kind of shifting that way.”

August looks fairly normal for temperature and rainfall, so it could shape up very nicely for bean development and for kernel sets and kernel fills on corn.