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First Indiana Field Update Shows No Progress Toward Planting


unplnated fieldCool temperatures, saturated soil, heavy midweek rains and localized flooding have prevented most forms of fieldwork, according to the Indiana Field Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service. There was 1 day suitable for fieldwork during the week. Temperatures ranged from 5° F below normal to 5° above normal, with a low of 18° and a high of 76° for the state. Precipitation ranged from 1.03 to 6.54 inches. Limited top-dressing occurred in the first half of the week. Very little tillage or seeding has occurred yet. Winter wheat and pasture are beginning to green statewide. Cattle are grazing in some areas but most remain on hay for the time being. Other activities include hauling grain, spraying grain bins, preparing machinery for planting season, and tending to livestock. While producers are finding themselves behind on spring fieldwork, producers typically would not begin planting corn for another week and soybeans until late April. It is too early at this point to judge how the late spring will affect the planting of major field crops.