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Flinchbaugh on Trump


Flinchbaugh on Trump

Barry Flinchbaugh

Barry Flinchbaugh is a nationally known ag economist and policy expert from Kansas. He is well respected and often quoted and always outspoken. In his remarks to the recent meeting of the American Ag Bankers Association, Flinchbaugh gave the president a mixed review, “There are days when I get really angry with him. He can do this job, he is really capable, but he needs to stop acting like a 2 year old in the sandbox. You just don’t call your arch enemy, who has nuclear weapons, a short little fat guy.”

On Ag policy, Flinchbaugh says the President has done some things right, “The appointment of Perdue as agricultural secretary was great. We also needed regulatory reform, and he has done that.” He added the President has a good approach to the Farm Bill, “He is letting Perdue take the lead and that is a good thing.”

The Kansas State Economist, however, says Trump is missing the point on immigration and trade, “We don’t need bilateral trade agreements, we need strong trade pacts.” Flinchbaugh says the pull-out from TPP was a mistake, “If he had not pulled the plug on TPP, he could have gone into China with 40% of the worlds trade, as part of TPP, and dictated what China would do with North Korea.” Flinchbgaugh says Trump pulled out of TPP simply to satisfy the UAW, “He thinks the auto workers elected him but he forgets about the farmers who voted for him.” He urged farmers to continue to press the administration on trade and immigration issues.