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FMC Releases First At-Plant Fungicide To Deliver Foliar Disease Protection


FMC is celebrating the launch of Xyway 3D. This fungicide is the first and only at-plant corn fungicide to provide season-long disease protection.

It combines flutriafol with at-plant flexibility, said Bruce Stripling, FMC regional technical service manager.

“Flutriafol is really the backbone of all our fungicides,” he said. “If you look at all of our portfolio, flutriafol is in everyone one of those. It covers specialty crops into row crops. It’s stable in the plant and stable in the soil. The difference with flutriafol is the ability to have all season long inside out protection.”

Mobility and high residual makes Xyway 3D unique to the marketplace. Gail Stratman, FMC regional technical service manager, says it allows the fungicide to be applied at planting time.

“One of the major targets that we have with Xyway is that upward movement and controlling many of the important foliar diseases,” said Stratman. “One of the key aspects we see with Xyway is because we’re getting this mobility within the plant, we’re also providing protection from any soil pathogens or fungi that allow the plant to develop a more robust root system, healthier stalk and better manufacturing plant for that ear.”

It has received EPA registration for foiliar disease protection from grey leaf spot, Southern corn leaf blight, Northern corn leaf blight, common rust and common smut. Xyway will be available for the 2021 growing season.