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Focusing on Crop Nutrition as the Growing Season Begins

Photo: cropnutrition.com

Now that most of the 2021 crop is in the ground, focus is shifting to plant nutrition during the growing season. Taylor Purucker, crop nutrition lead with the Mosaic Company, says to consider nutrient availability and fertilizers with how it aligns when the crop needs it.

“We have a lot of really good research which tells us when corn and soybeans take up certain nutrients, how much of those nutrients and for how long,” he said. “With that in mind, it’s important to select fertilizers that are going to supply those nutrients at the right time. It’s part of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Initiative—select the right source of fertilizer and apply it at the right time.”

Weather also plays a key role.

“We can apply fertilizer, but if we don’t get enough rain, nutrients might not be in a position that’s available to the roots for the plant to take up,” said Purucker. “On the flip side, there might be too much rain which leaches some soluble nutrients that have negative charges like nitrates, sulfates, and boron into the soil.”

Growers might also want to consider enhanced efficiency fertilizers and their impacts on the environment.

“Those are fertilizers that get a designation by the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials,” said Pururcker. “Those technologies increase nutrient availability while also reducing nutrient loss to the environment. Those are technologies that are important to consider when we think about the most efficiency out of our fertilizer investment, but also by taking care of the environment.”

To learn more about Mosaic’s fertilizer products at cropnutrition.com.