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Focusing on the Root of Healthy Soybeans


More and more research is pointing to root health as a key for improving soybean yield. As farmers put the stressful 2012 growing season behind them – they have certainly learned the importance of growing a crop that can handle environmental stress. Syngenta Seedcare Brand Asset Lead David Winston says the drought has made it more evident that a healthy root system is an integral part of a successful yield. The roots absorb large amounts of moisture and nutrients that are essential for plant growth – which means a healthy root system is even more important in dry years when soybeans face increased environmental stress. Early-season insects and diseases can inflict damage on soybean roots as well. When the root system is weakened – impacting the plant’s ability to efficiently absorb water and nutrients – stressed soybeans are left at an even greater disadvantage.

According to Winston – Syngenta offers CruiserMaxx Beans applied with Vibrance – promoting strong and healthy root systems throughout all stages of the crop through its ideal soil mobility, systemic protection, long-lasting performance and superior disease protection. He says this allows for more efficient water and nutrient uptake, stronger stems and sturdier foliage for improved stress tolerance and maximized yield.

Source: NAFB News Service