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From Oven to Combine, Pizza Delivery to Farmers During Harvest


Harvest days can be long, and that often means having meals in the field.  For the past 8 years, Buck Creek Pizza has been delivering pizza to farmers in Tippecanoe County in the field during harvest. Company owner Jay Mitchell says the farmers and their crews are very appreciative, “They are more than appreciative, they really count on us.” He told HAT he just gets their field location and sets out with their order, “We will include plates, cups, ice, or whatever they need.”  He said most of the farmers in the area are people he knows, “If they are in the middle of a field when I get there, I just put the food in the truck; I know they will pay me later.”  Area farmers say it is a real help to stay working in the field and not have to stop for dinner.


Mitchell said those big chain pizza places in town don’t travel to rural areas but he will. His in the field service is popular not only at harvest but during planting, too, “In the spring, these guys are focused on getting the crop in the ground, so I sometimes get two or three calls a day for field delivery.” Buck Creek has a reputation not only for field delivery but for outstanding food. With producers operating more acreage and many farm family members working outside the farm,  farmers don’t have time to stop for meals, and there is no one at home to bring a meal to the field. “It’s a quick thing now,” Mitchell said. “They eat on the bed of the truck. People don’t seem to have time anymore.”


Jay and Karen Mitchell have lived in this community for over 30 years. According to their web site, Buck Creek Pizza’s goal has been “to serve our customer the very best pizza, as well as hospitality. We value everyone of our customers and will continue to provide you with our great pizza and service.”