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Fuels America Highlights Sustainability of Renewable Fuels


Wednesday, Fuels America hosted an informational session for the media that provided an all-encompassing look at the sustainability of the biofuel supply chain. “From Farm to Fuel Tank: Sustainability in Renewable Fuel” featured a series of presentations from industry experts on the impressive strides in sustainability that the U.S. renewable fuel industry, in partnership with American Farmers, has made, allowing them to provide feed, fuel and fiber for the country in an environmentally sensitive manner.


Despite impressive gains in water use, energy efficiency, and soil and land conservation, renewable fuel opponents continue to spread falsehoods about the sustainability of oil alternatives. This briefing provided information about sustainable farming practices, new harvest technologies, innovations in renewable fuel production processes, and cutting-edge partnerships leading the way.


The first speaker, National Corn Growers Association Past President and Presidential Champion for Change Fred Yoder led the discussion on sustainability measures farmers across the country are already taking.


“My late father asked me only one thing before he turned the farm over to me – to leave the farm in better shape than it was when I got it,” Yoder explained. “Like farmers across the country, I am taking measures on my farm to improve the land, the water and the air. We are even providing benefits to the ecosystem as a whole, such as carbon sequestration, that scientists are only beginning to explore.”


In addition to Yoder, DuPont Business Director for Biofuels Jan Koninckx and Novozymes North America President Adam Monroe spoke on how their respective organizations, and others who serve the same function in the supply chain, are working to improve biofuel technologies in ways that increase sustainability.