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Funding Appropriated for New Vet Teaching Hospital


Funding Appropriated for New Vet Teaching Hospital

By all accounts, it was a successful legislative session for Indiana agriculture. One success from this year’s Indiana General Assembly was funding for a new Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Purdue University.

The state legislature appropriated $73 million to the new facility to go along with $35 million coming from fundraising and the university. Dr. Willie Reed, Dean in the College of Veterinary Medicine, said that their accreditation status was at risk in the long-term if a new facility wasn’t approved because of major deficiencies in the existing building.

“Keep in mind that the new hospital that we have funding for will replace a hospital that was built in the late 1950s. It was built at a time when many of the technologies that we take for granted today, we didn’t have them. For example, we didn’t have MRI, we didn’t have the CT scans, there’s a whole list of things that we didn’t have back in those days. So, we’ve had to improvise and try to utilize the facilities that we have now to offer some of those services.”

In addition to bringing those technologies to the building, Reed said, “We’ll be able to expand and add things like rehabilitation medicine, additional surgical suites so that our clients don’t have to wait weeks in order to have their animals taken care of, we’ll be able to expand dentistry, ophthalmology, cancer treatments. So, overall, it’s a tremendous impact to our college and our ability to serve the animal owners of Indiana.”

Reed was grateful for the support received from ag groups like Indiana Farm Bureau, Indiana Corn and Soy, Indiana Dairy Producers, Indiana Pork, Agribusiness Council of Indiana, and Indiana State Poultry Association to get this legislation passed.